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Seek4Assistance is an independent self-help website that aims to provide you with tips and guidance on how to contact big UK companies quick and easy.
Customer Service channels
Nowadays, companies operate multiple channels to contact them, including call centres, social media, post websites. There’s a variety of pros and cons for each of these channels and you should find the one that suits your needs the best. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the different way to contact a company will help you to analyse the effort and time you spend using it. To assist you in this process we have put together a guide for each of these contact ways. You can also browse our FAQ section to find tips and other information regarding contacting a company.
Emailing a company
Emails are being used heavily nowadays but is it really the best way to contact a company when you need an urgent resolution to your issue or need to complaint about something? Emailing a company might sound easy but it might not be the most reliable way as you don’t know if your email has been received by the right person and how long will it be until you receive an answer. Sometimes you receive a follow up email, only to request further information to your query which adds more time until you resolve your initial query. If emailing a company is your preferred way make sure your writing is clear to avoid any misunderstandings, focused around your issue and provide as many information as possible. Last but not least, be patient as it might take a few days to receive an answer. Most companies don’t operate in weekends which much add some delays.
Calling a company
Calling a company is a more personal way to communicate, unlike email, as you are speaking to a live agent, plus you have the opportunity to ask directly any questions you might have and receive and instant answer. Usually call length varies and this depends on a variety of factors, including what time of the day you call or how popular is the company you are calling. Some of them handle thousands of calls every day and might not have enough staff members to facilitate all of these calls. Calls usually answered in under five minutes but sometimes you should expect to be further delays. Our advice is to be patient and friendly to the person you are talking to as it will be more likely to get your issue resolved. Be organised, have all questions written down, have pen and paper in case you need to take any notes, allow yourself plenty of time to complete the call.
Contacting a company via social media
More and more companies following the practice of using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to provide customer support. Although, in some cases this might be an easy and quick way to contact a company, it is not as official as speaking to live agent. In addition to that, in many cases a company employee will reply to you and still ask you to either call or email the company, so an official ticket is created for your case. A disadvantage is that social media are more popular to some industries than others, for example in fashion industry companies interact with their customers, but the same is not happening with public services. Social media is a good and easy way to contact a company for casual questions, like request information about a brand’s new season launch or the available sizes for a specific garment but avoid using social media for more sensitive issues where you might need to reveal personal information.
Contacting a company via post
Sending a letter is one of the traditional ways to contact a company. Although, it still available for anyone to use is not a preferred way for most. Sending a letter requires more effort and time, and there are more efficient ways to receive an answer to your query.
Seek 4 Assistance FAQ
What is Seek4Assistance?
Seek4Assistance is an independent website that aims to help you find the best way to contact a company to either resolve a problem or submit a complaint.
How can I reduce the time of my call?
Make sure you explain the reason you are calling clearly, prepare all your questions before you make a call, have all personal details that might be needed at hand and have a bank card available in case you need to pay something on the phone.
How can I have the best results from my call?
Give yourself plenty of time to complete your call, stay focused on the topic you called to resolve, be friendly and patient to the person you are speaking to. We all have had a long day, being friendly makes things go smoother.
How do I place a complaint?
Contact the company that you want to complaint about, make sure you explain clearly the reasons that you wish to complaint and how this have affected you. The person you are speaking to might ask further questions to have a clear view of the problem. That will make it easier to reach an agreement and re-assure you that it won’t happen in the future. As always be patient and friendly!